New Year’s Revolution

We are now nine days in to this year of 2008 AD and it’s time to make those wonderful promises for the coming year that we like to dress up with the word “resolutions.” Now I have never been good at the whole idea of resolutioning (is that a real word? If not it should be). It is one of the biggest vices that I really don’t like about myself. In a word, I am lazy. There are so many wonderful aspirations that I have, and for some reason I chose to sit comfortably and watch time pass me by without doing anything about them. Now that I’ve hit the big landmark of being a quarter of a century old, I’m feeling for the first time that I don’t have a huge span of time left in my life to get everything accomplished that I want to. That means that 2008 is the year to step it up and start living the life that I always imagined I would as a kid. I’m hoping that writing this down for other people to read will somehow give these resolutions more significance than if I just keep them to myself. Now on to the resolutions…

As I look back over 2007 I’m trying to think of what great and exciting things happened in my life. Probably the best thing that happened to me was that I quit a job that I absolutely hated in May and took some time off to try to figure out exactly what it is that I want to be when I grow up. Unfortunately now it feels like I am right back to where I was at this point a year ago. I’m working a desk job that I really don’t care for, but it pays me enough to keep me from quitting. Its a bad place to be in because you start to get comfortable at a job you don’t really like, but you stay at it because you don’t know what else to do. Before you know it, ten years have gone by. I wasted about one and a half years at the last job that I didn’t like and I won’t let myself commit the same mistake twice. Therefore my first resolution is to quit my current job sometime this year.

My second resolution is probably going to be the hardest because its something that I have been giving myself deadlines for for over two years now. I want to write a screenplay and hopefully one day secure the finances to direct the movie. My resolution though is just to write it. I have a notebook full of ideas, some better than others, that I can use to get started, but I need to actually get down to writing a treatment and then a full script. I think writing in this blog will help me get used to writing and should be good practice.

The last resolution that I will list for this post is for me to develop my abilities as a musician and to record an EP. When I was in college, I had the privilege of having a roommate that was majoring in music who would continuously challenge me to become a better guitar player and songwriter. Now that I don’t have his influence everyday it is hard to keep up a regular practice and songwriting routine. I feel like I have plateaued in my guitar ability for the past 2 years because I have not been practicing like I used to. Guitar is going to be my main focus, but I was to also continue to work on drums and piano as well. That same roommate from college and I are starting up a music project where we are going to send ideas back and forth (since he lives in Florida) and write songs together. I’m really excited to see what comes out of it.

So those are the first three of my resolutions for this year. What are some of your resolutions? Does anybody care to make the first comment on here and share some of theirs?


~ by twentyfivetolife on January 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “New Year’s Revolution”

  1. comment are fun to get, aren’t they? hint, hint.
    Mine are:
    do a 365
    re-decorate my room
    continue to improve my photography
    make a new friend

  2. Hmmm… My resolutions:
    To make a friend that lives close to me and is someone that I can really talk to about life. It’s hard for me to do, but I really need to!
    To organize my house so that it’s not so cluttered. Sounds simple, but really isn’t. I really need this to happen though.
    And finally but probably the most important, to really grow in my walk. I feel like I’ve been cruising lately and I really need to step it up.
    There you go! Now that I told someone (or the world) I really have to do these! Good Luck on yours. I’ll be asking how they’re going. Oh, and welcome to the blogging world!

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