Worth a thousand words

I like to pretend sometimes that I’m a photographer, but really I’m not. Actually, I pretty much suck at taking pictures. I bought a fancy digital SLR (well fancy at the time) about two years ago and I had these delusions of grandeur about me becoming an amazing artist. Well here I am a couple years later and I still can’t seem to ever record to those little ones and zeros the image that I want. Unfortunately I also made a promise to two people that I would have a portfolio of my work finished by this month, but I barely have five pictures ready and I’m having a hard time finding any more that are worth preparing for print as I go through the hundreds of pictures that I’ve taken. I suppose that I can’t get any better though unless I keep plugging away and taking lots of pictures. The more that I can see what’s wrong with my pictures, the better I will become at taking good ones. So I like to think that I am merely perfecting my craft at this point.

Below are two shots that I’m working on for my portfolio. The first is a bed of leaves that I took this fall on a visit to Lynchburg, VA, the city where I went to college. The second is the shoreline of Cannon Beach outside of Astoria, OR. What do you think?



PS. You should check out my sister’s pictures. She is awesome.



~ by twentyfivetolife on January 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Worth a thousand words”

  1. What about the pic you took of the guy laying in his chair on the beach at Grand Cayman!?! Now that’s a good shot! HA!

  2. holy crap. the second one is a post card. and no more saying that yours aren’t good cause they are.
    thanks for the compliment! it means the world coming from you.

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