The basement

Today at work I had the pleasure of being stuck in the basement of the building that I work at in the communications room. Basically this room functions as the place where radio dispatchers take calls from all the police that are in my department. These poor souls get to spend eight hour shifts in this little dark basement room all hours of the day and night since it is running 24/7.  So I understand that they probably get bored and want to surf the internet when things are slow. I don’t blame them at all. What I do blame them for is when they want to install just about any little toolbar or application that every little pop-up tells them to.  I had to go through each computer and remove all the viruses and spyware that had accumulated over who knows how long. All the while this one very nice lady kept commenting on how young I looked. (Yes I realize that I am 25 and still look like I’m 17. It’s my burden to bear) After a few hours of seeing what life was like down in the basement it made me happy that I didn’t take a dispatcher job that I had applied for a while back that also would have taken place in a basement not too different from the one I was in today. At the end of the day I was quite content to be back at my cozy little cubicle on the second floor with the occasional glimpse of the window if I stand up and peer over the divider.


~ by twentyfivetolife on January 11, 2008.

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