My precious

The tube of chapstick that I have been using finally gave up the ghost today. I went to turn the little part on the bottom and it just wouldn’t push any more of the precious waxy substance out. I still had about one and a half applications sticking out, so I used it leaving little to none left. Now this doesn’t bother me at all. I understand that as I use this product that it will eventually run out. That is perfectly acceptable to me. What I don’t like is that the particular kind of chapstick that I use is either no longer made or is so popular that it is sold out of every store in Maryland. I knew that my faithful tube that I have been using for about 3 or 4 months now was running low because I felt it getting lighter and lighter. Now this is no ordinary chapstick. This is “Blistex Complete Moisture.

Look at that. It’s a literal surge of moisture, and not just any surge. It’s one that your lips can feel! Also don’t forget that it also is SPF 15 so your lips don’t burn in the sun. It is really the best chapstick I’ve ever used, and best of all it tastes like lemonade. I mean, how can you top that? So I searched high and low in every Kmart, Walmart, pharmacy and anywhere else that I could think of and I could not find it anywhere. So knowing that it was running out I went ahead a bought a backup of “Chapstick” brand stuff. Today was my first time using it and on top of it not being my wonderful Blistex it had that stupid “new chapstick” shape at the top of it. You know, it has a little dip in the middle and the sides are all stiff. It feels like you are trying to rub the chalk that you put on pool cue on your lips. It is just awful and it takes about five times of using the chapstick before you can get rid of it. And on top of all that I don’t get that delicious lemonade taste when I put it on. This new stuff tastes like a mixture of candle wax and hot glue gun. I mean I almost threw up in my mouth a little as I licked my lips just now to describe the taste of it. And it took a few licks before I could make a detailed description. I should have just stopped at one and said it tasted like death and stop there. It’s just terrible.

So I will continue my search for my precious chapstick. I feel like a crack head that can’t find his dealer. I hope that one magical day I will see that beautiful blue box hanging in the store and I will have a much needed reunion with my Blistex. Please tell me if you see it anywhere…anywhere at all!



~ by twentyfivetolife on January 14, 2008.

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    I’m keeping my eyes out for you!

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