Hope restored

Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been somewhat busy, and I have been even more somewhat lazy. It seemed like when I was writing my first one or two posts that I had so many things that I wanted to write about that I couldn’t decide what to write for that day’s post. But now it seems like there is nothing interesting at all going on in my life, and I find it hard to think of anything to put down. Thankfully, last night changed all that, and made me excited to write again.

What I was planning on writing about yesterday was how it seems like there isn’t any good music anymore. I look back to the days when I was in high school and college, and I remember finding all this amazing music all the time. I discovered a whole bunch of amazing bands like Zao, Jimmy Eat World, The Juliana Theory, and Dredg just to name a few. In the last few years though, there really hasn’t been anything that has completely blown me away musically. I’m not sure if my tastes and appreciations have changed or if the overall current state of music is just not as good. So I was planning on writing a post just complaining about how there is no good music any more and the recording industry is ruining the art that is music and all that stuff. After last night, though, everything changed.

I watched the film/documentary/concert DVD called Heima by the band Sigur Ros last night. I got the DVD for my birthday which was about a month ago, but I had just not gotten around to watching it yet. Basically, the band went all around Iceland (the country they are from) and played free concerts for the local people in these little remote towns before concluding with a huge concert in Reykjavik. They showed one song from each performance while mixing in beautiful shots of the country side and interviews with the band members. Throughout the whole video all I could do was sit there in awe as my ears absorbed the music that I’ve loved over the last few years, and my eyes took in the Icelandic scenery that made the word “beautiful” seem like nothing more than a cheap, inept description.



All I can say is that you need to see this film. It restored my hope that good music is still being created, and it inspired me to become a better musician and photographer.


~ by twentyfivetolife on January 17, 2008.

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