Life lessons

There is this lesson that God has been teaching me over and over again for what seems like years now. I’ve learned it so many times before but it seems like just lately that I really need to be taught it at least one more time.

My problem is that sometimes my image of God becomes distorted, and I picture Him as this distant all powerful being that just looks at all the things I’ve done wrong and tallies up a list of them all. In my head I know that I’m innocent in His eyes because of Christ’s sacrifice, but for some reason my stupid finite mind has such a hard time accepting it. It’s like I go around feeling guilty all the time for the bad things that I do which makes me feel like I don’t deserve to be close to God. I feel like I need to clean up my act and live a semi-perfect life, and then I can have the closeness with God that I desire.

What God has shown me though, time and time again, is that I can’t live the way He wants me to live by my own will or strength. He doesn’t want me to clean up my act and then follow Him. He wants me to follow Him and allow Him to mold my life into what it should be through His power. It’s such a simple concept to say, but so much harder for me to live out daily. Here I am with the God of the universe who looks at me as one of His children who He loves and wants the best for, and I choose settle for my feeble attempts at righteousness. I sure do feel stupid sometimes.


~ by twentyfivetolife on February 6, 2008.

One Response to “Life lessons”

  1. amen, brother…amen. I’m right there with you.

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