Just a few quick things

I thought I would write on here real quick before the rest of the day goes by. Here’s my thoughts for the day.

I’m going to see Rambo tonight for the second time and I can’t wait because it is awesome!

I practiced double bass on the drums today until my legs got so sore I thought I couldn’t walk.

I should make tuna sandwiches for lunch more often. They are delicious and nutritious.

I really like the $5 sweater that I got from Target. It keeps me warm and is quite stylish.

You don’t realize how much you use your pinky on your left hand until you cut it and it hurts every time you touch something with it.

I found a gift card to Starbucks the other day. $10. Let’s see, that should buy me about 1.5 cups of coffee. How awesome!

Neo……da da da da……..Sporin….da da da da da…ne ne ne ne ne. I put it on my cut. (Watch the movie Kung Pow if you are confused)


~ by twentyfivetolife on February 11, 2008.

One Response to “Just a few quick things”

  1. Hey, hope you don’t mind me checkin’ your blog. Just wondering if I am the only one who remembers the movie “First Blood” It is the original Rambo. I tried to rent it a couple years ago and NO STORES had it. Am I Crazy? I figured if anyone knew the answer to this question it would be you.

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