The helpdesk

Yesterday I had the privilege of working the helpdesk at work. Each day one person from my department has to sit and answer the phone all day for people that are having computer problems. Most of it consists of just helping people who have locked themselves out of their account because they forgot their password so it should be a fairly easy and boring job. This was my first time working the helpdesk since I have started this job, so instead of sitting in the little secluded official helpdesk room upstairs I had all the calls forwarded to my desk so that I could ask for help from my coworkers if I needed it.

Well it just so happened that this particular morning our entire remote connection server decided to go down. This is the computer that lets people who are not at one of the departments facilities still connect to the network and check their email and all that. So there I was on my very first day answering the phone, getting a call about every minute from all these people that were freaking out because they couldn’t connect to the network.

At 1 in the afternoon after taking calls one right after the other all morning, my department had a meeting so I was away from the phone for about an hour and a half. Now I was told that all of the calls would be forwarded to my phone at my desk and any calls I missed would just go to my voicemail. I see that my little voicemail light is glowing, and I’m thinking to myself, “great I wonder how many people have called while I was in the meeting.” To my surprise though, there was only one voicemail. I was extremely relieved. Then one of my coworkers on his way back from the meeting stops by my desk and asks if i know how to check the helpdesk voicemail. I said, “no, I thought that all the messages would come to my desk” to which he replied that they would only do that if both helpdesk lines had been forwarded to me and that probably was not the case.

So I start punching in all the numbers to get through the various menus to check the voicemail for the helpdesk line. To my horror I hear the voicemail robot lady say, “hello, you have 16 new messages.” It got even worse though as I listened to the first message which was from 8am that morning. I had been missing voicemails all day! One poor lady called first thing in the morning and couldn’t get her computer to turn on. She called again about an hour later saying that she still hadn’t been able to start her computer and she really needed help. Don’t forget that it is around 3pm in the afternoon now that I am getting all these messages. I frantically started calling all these poor people back that had been waiting for seven hours to hear back from someone. I felt so bad. At least the one lady did manage to turn her computer on around 9:30 I think. She didn’t even sound mad that it took me so long to get back to her.

Finally I made it to 5pm when I promptly turned off my computer and bolted out of the building to my car. It was way more stress than I am used to dealing with at my job.


~ by twentyfivetolife on February 15, 2008.

One Response to “The helpdesk”

  1. Aww, I totally feel for you. I wish I could go back in time and give you a hug or something. I remember everyone freaking out about the computers at work that day.

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