Just when I thought…

On Monday I wrote about how I felt like I had no inspiration or creativity at all, but yesterday that all seemed to change. I was talking to my friend Brian who is starting a music project with me called Tomorrowmorrow Land. He lives all the way down in Florida but we have been sending ideas back and forth through email for songs.

We are hoping to make spacey, atmospheric, post rock kind of music. Brian went ahead and created a myspace page for us and posted one of the ideas that we have been playing around with. It’s not a full song yet, but its a start. While looking at the page though, I noticed that we really need some type of logo for the band that would accentuate the kind of emotion we are trying to create with our music.

When I got home from work for some reason I pulled open one of the pictures that I had taken last year when I was in Vancouver, BC. I had been thinking about this particular photo for a while now because I wanted to put it in the portfolio that I have been working on. I knew that the picture would be perfect for a logo for Tomorrowmorrow Land, so I pulled it up in photoshop and went to work. The photo itself is extremely simple. I took it from the back seat of our rental car as we were driving around. There was some rain on the window and the sun was just beginning to brighten up the gray clouds. Before I knew it, an hour and a half had gone by and I was looking at what you see below.

Tomorrowmorrow Land Logo

I was so captivated while I was working on this I noticed after I was finished that I hadn’t even taken off my shoes since I came home. It was like I had an idea inside that I had to get out no matter what.


~ by twentyfivetolife on February 20, 2008.

One Response to “Just when I thought…”

  1. love it. isn’t it the best when you can get the stuff inside your head OUT. I just know you have a million little gems in your head. It’s all about how to get them out….

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