My knee!

On my desk at work there is a spot for one of the long skinny draws that mostly just holds pens and pencils right in the middle of the desk where your legs go. The drawer is missing, which isn’t a big deal to me since it gives me more leg room, and I have plenty of other drawers to put my stuff in. Unfortunately since the drawer is missing though, there are still the little metal rails on the side of the desk that the drawer would roll along. These rails have become my arch nemesis on a day to day basis because no matter how careful I try to be, I seem to always find some way to hit my knee right on the little, pointy, metal, corner of the rail. It probably happens about once a day, sometimes more. I’ll be mindlessly staring at my computer screen and decide that it’s time to shift my body to some other position that I hope will be just a little more comfortable than the one that I’m currently in. Without fail though, as soon as I roll my chair back under my desk, that little rail stabs my knee cap right in the center, causing me to feel an indescribable, all to familiar pain that brings all kinds of four letter words to the front of my mind.

Today’s daily knee stabbing began just like all the previous instances. I decided to do the good old left leg prop up on my right leg position before scooting back under my desk. The only difference this time was that for some reason I scooted really fast under my desk with a considerable amount of force. Of course all that force or my entire body rolling under the desk became concentrated on a spot about a millimeter across right in the middle of my left knee cap. As soon as it happened, I thought to myself “Oh crap! That really hurt.” And that is the usually thought I have before the pain subsides after a few seconds. This time was different though. The pain did not subside in the least. The pain became even more intense and excruciating as the seconds ticked by. I grasped my knee with both hands and clenched my teeth together as hard as I could, but the pain would not stop. Then I started feeling light headed, and thought I might pass out for a second. I had not felt pain this intense for a long time.

I pulled up my pant leg to see what the damage was. There was a tiny bit of blood on the point of impact. Now this blood was not coming from some type of cut. The blood was coming from a spot where my skin had been literally smashed against the bone behind it so hard that it just came apart. I kept breathing deeply waiting for the pain subside which it finally did after probably a full 90 seconds of pure agony. I was afraid at first that something might have broken. I tried sliding my knee cap back and forth to see if it was fully intact, then I got up and hobbled around just to make sure I still walk on it ok. Everything seems to be ok now, but I can’t imagine the bruise I am going to have. Now I’m contemplating how to get the rails for the drawer off of my desk so this can never happen again……..ever!


~ by twentyfivetolife on February 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “My knee!”

  1. Ouch! That post made me cringe! That’s what happens when you buy health insurance. YOW!

  2. now that’s darn funny. i like it when you hurt yourself. haha. honestly though, that’s what you get for pushing me into that trashcan all those years ago.

  3. […] I even switched desks so I never have to deal with those stupid drawer rails every again. Read this post and you will […]

  4. […] Here we have. 1. I pile of old hard drives waiting to be wiped. 2. The freakin’ rail that almost broke my knee! Oh how I hate it. It’s the reason I switched […]

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