The weekend

For some reason, I am finding it extremely hard to write on here lately. It’s not that things have been uneventful or anything like that. On the contrary, it seems like there is lots of interesting things to write about as of late, but I just can’t seem to get myself on here to write about them. I’m going to really try to get better about updating this site from now on. Even if I have suffer through the days when I have absolutely nothing to write about, I will push through so the more exciting days actually get written about.

Now about this weekend. I had the pleasure of being the host for the weekend here at the camp that I live at for a group of about 150 teens and youth leaders. Unfortunately we had some crazy high winds on Saturday afternoon and we lost power on the property right before they were about to eat dinner. Luckily we already had all the food cooked, but unfortunately since we are on a well here we had no water which means nothing to drink and no flushing toilets. I was talking to the group’s leader about them having to leave early if the power did not come back.

Around 7:00 that night the power did come back on and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I thought the crisis was over. Then to my dismay about 30 minutes later part of the power went back off and this happened to be the circuits that powered the water pumps, so we went back to having no water again. I figured that it would be a quick fix since it had already come back relatively quickly the first time. This proved not to be the case, though. We got everyone to bed that night with no water and figured the power would come back sometime in the middle of the night and we would be able to flush all the toilets in the morning and all would be well again. When I woke up on Sunday though, to my horror, we were still without any water. I told the leader that we should probably go ahead and have the kids call their parents to pick them up early. We managed to serve a breakfast of donuts and muffins along with the water that I managed to get out of the pipes, then all the parents arrived to pick up their kids.

I felt so bad about the whole situation, but there was absolutely nothing that I could do. I hate that feeling of being powerless in the time of a crisis. I must say though, that the leaders of the group were completely understanding and thanked all of us that were working that weekend for all that we had done to accommodate them.

At around 10am on Sunday morning, just as the last few kids were leaving the power came back on we had water again. The four of us that were working all grabbed a bottle of toilet cleaner and did a potty patrol as we went around flushing all the toilets on the property. I’m so glad that I have adventures like this in life to keep me humble.


~ by twentyfivetolife on March 11, 2008.

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