Running, nerd tv shows, and John Petrucci

I’m finding it hard to pick one single subject and write about it for the day. My mind is so ADD and scatterbrained that it seems impossible to pick just one thing to write about. The few posts that I’ve done where I just jot down some random thoughts seem to be the most fun to write and I think probably easier and more entertaining to read, so I will continue with yet another one. And if you hate these types of posts then leave a comment and say so.

I started running this week and I’m hoping that I stick with it and actually get in shape. I feel so blah sitting at my desk all day at work. I really need some real physical activity each day.

I saw Doomsday last night and it was awesome. Was it a great movie? Of course not. It was terrible in every sense, but that is exactly what I was expecting. If you liked Mad Max and Waterworld you will thoroughly enjoy this movie. A hot girl with a British accent fighting gladiators, blowing things up, and driving fast cars is really hard to beat.

I was so bored at work yesterday that I rearranged my office to give me more space. I even switched desks so I never have to deal with those stupid drawer rails every again. Read this post and you will understand.

Battlestar Galactica season 4 starts April 4th. I’m counting down the hours. I bought season 3 on DVD on Tuesday when it came out, and I’m just waiting for it to arrive. Perhaps a marathon before season 4 starts?

Lastly. My friend sent me this video this morning which I actually had to stop half way through because I was laughing so loud that I’m sure people in the office were wondering what was going on. Even after I stopped it though I kept laughing uncontrollably for about 10 minutes before I finally calmed down enough to watch the end of it. Now if you know nothing about guitars or Dream Theater then you might not find this that funny. Just understand that this is John Petrucci and he is one of the best guitar players in the world. Enjoy. (Sorry about the language in the last few seconds. You can stop it around 3:20 if you are easily offended.)


~ by twentyfivetolife on March 19, 2008.

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