Think of my hands, my beautiful clean hands

Today in the bathroom at work there was this guy that for some strange reason before washing his hands got a length of paper towel and held it under his arm as he washed his hands. He then dried his hands with it, threw it away and walked out. Isn’t the accepted routine to 1. potty 2. wash hands 3. get paper towels and dry hands? This made no sense to me and what bothered me even more was that I would now have to defile my newly cleaned hands by touching the lever on the paper towel dispenser where he had just touched BEFORE washing his hands. He messed up the entire hygiene system. Why would you do that?

I’m ready for nice weather, but I’m not at all looking forward to gross, humid, hot weather.

I’m thinking about going vegetarian for another month. It was a fun experiment when I tried it in the fall, and it also forced me to be more creative and healthy in what I ate. With March about over. I think April would be a perfect month for it.

I am getting the itch to travel. I know I was just in Florida in December, but I am starting to get a little stir crazy. Sitting in the office all day does not help any either. Europe is on the top of the list right now. A road trip across the US would also be great.

I need to go scuba diving again soon. I haven’t been since September of 2006. I still have not done a wreck dive and would love to do one.

I am in desperate need of some new music. I like everything from ambient to death metal, so if you know of someone who I need to check out, please leave a comment.


~ by twentyfivetolife on March 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Think of my hands, my beautiful clean hands”

  1. I had to comment being the germaphobe that I am. The paper towel thing is the way all people are supposed to wash their hands. It’s in the rules now- ha! You can never count on someone using soap or washing properly so you’re supposed to pull the paper towel thing first, wash, dry with the paper towel and then turn off the water with that paper towel. (Think about how discusting the facet handle is.YUCK!) And I also wanted to say that you need to come and visit me! Perfect road trip. Come in a month when it’s warmer and we’ll go to the beach (Great Lakes)!

  2. morphine
    cat power

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