Thanks for the tip Bill

Just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient. There’s a lot more I could be doing on a Sunday morning.
  – Bill Gates

The quote above was what I saw today in my little “quote of the day” box on my iGoogle hompage. Before I even read the quote, I noticed the name of the quoter, Bill Gates, and million different connotations started running through my mind. One of the richest people in the world, the man responsible for the software that causes me nothing but problems on a daily basis, the guy that Mac fans love to hate, all kinds of things.

 Bill Gates

Before reading the quote, I was hoping that it would be some great quote about success and hard work, something that would motivate me to be more driven and productive. When I finally did read the quote though, I just felt sad for Mr. Gates.

I feel like he is completely missing the point on this one. If you simply see God, religion, faith, whatever you want to call it as something that just takes up some of your precious time on a Sunday morning, then yes, I would agree. It is a rather inefficient use of your time if that is all it is to you. But to me, there is so much more to God than a Sunday morning. He is the creator of the world who loved us as sinful humans enough to give up his own son for us as we just remembered on Easter. He cares about us enough to want to have a personal relationship in which he can make us more like the perfect example of a life that Jesus set for us.

At the same time, as I like to pat my own back and think of what a great person I am because I’m a “real” Christian who does more than just go to church, how often do I have the exact same mindset and compartmentalize God into one little area of my life. It’s so much easier to just have a “God box” that I can open when it seems convenient. Maybe it’s on a Sunday morning. Maybe it’s when a family member passes away, or when I’m feeling alone and lost.  Sometimes it’s when I’m talking to other Christians and want to fit in, or when I am wondering why I am 25, single, and still do not know what I want to be when I grow up. At moments likes those, it is convenient to open up that box that is normally sitting on the shelf.

I don’t want to be that. I don’t want to be the person that just sits through church on Sunday, does a Bible study once a week, and maybe even writes a blog post about God every now and then. If that’s all that my relationship with God is then it is “not very efficient” as Mr. Gates said.


~ by twentyfivetolife on March 26, 2008.

One Response to “Thanks for the tip Bill”

  1. Well said. It’s a constant struggle for me too. And one that I have been thinking about lots lately. Why don’t we ever talk about this stuff face to face?

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