I decided to go sailing on Friday and almost died. Well maybe not died, but at least almost got hypothermia. The weather was nice, probably 65-70 degrees with lots of wind. Actually there was a little too much wind. When I got out on the water it was gusting so bad that I couldn’t really sail my little sunfish properly. I had to let the sail bleed off most of the wind and when I did get brave enough to pull it in the boat would lean really fast forcing me to let it back out for fear of falling in the freezing water that was probably around 45 degrees. (Did you notice the use of alliteration in that last sentence?) I also ended up crashing into a pier because every time I tried to tack I ended up just coming to a complete stop and going backwards. The wind was blowing me directly into the pier and after three unsuccessful attempts to tack there was nothing I could do. Somehow I managed to sail my little boat back to shore safely. When I finally let go of the line that controls the sail I could barely move my fingers from the death grip that I had been holding for the last 45 minutes. While I was out on the water I really did fear for my life a few times, but after I made it back safely I just thought to myself, “that was awesome.” I can’t wait till the water warms up and I don’t have to be scared of falling in and dying. I’ll be able to sail much more aggressively then.


~ by twentyfivetolife on March 31, 2008.

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