The weekend

I hope that everyone had a happy mother’s day. My family decided to celebrate mother’s day on Saturday instead. Our celebration involved burgers and hot dogs on the grill courtesy of my dad. We finished off the night by going to see Iron Man which was just as good the second time. My parents don’t go to the movies very often, and they probably never go by themselves. I can tell that they want to though, and that it just takes me and my sister’s presence to push them over the edge to go.

Since we did the whole Mother’s day song and dance a day early, Sunday just felt like any other Sunday. I went to church and went out to eat for lunch with some friends. I enjoyed a lazy afternoon of playing guitar and drums with a little TV thrown in for good measure before heading back to church for the evening service. Something that the speaker said during the evening service really stuck with me, but I’ll save that for a later post.

After driving home through a torrential downpour accompanied by what seemed like hurricane force winds I was sitting on the couch with my roomy enjoying some Deadliest Catch when we heard a loud snap in the kitchen. I instantly knew exactly what that sound was. It was the mousetrap that we have under our kitchen sink in the cabinet. I opened the cabinet door to inspect the damage but all I saw was the last second of the little mouse escaping from the trap apparently unharmed. I saw him run behind the trash can that sits on the other side of the cabinet so I slowly opened the other cabinet door witch caused the hidden mouse to stir around in the trash which in turn cause me to jump back and scream like a girl. To recover what little bit of masculinity I had left, I quickly grabbed the closest weapon I could find… a can of Raid ant spray. I aimed with precision and as soon as the mouse came out from hiding, I blasted away with a full stream of insecticide. I don’t think the mouse liked this very much because he jumped out of the cabinet and ran under the dishwasher, out of sight. I’m just hoping that the ant spray is slowly poisoning him right now. I reset the trap as well, so I hope he likes peanut butter, because there’s a nice little glob of it with his name on it. Hahahaha(evil laughter).


~ by twentyfivetolife on May 12, 2008.

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