Today’s random thoughts

The Dark Knight!!! I’m going tomorrow and I can’t flippin’ wait. I love Batman. I love Christopher Nolan. Batman Begins redeemed the franchise. I think this one will redefine it.

I am going to try to enter an art show for the first time. It’s really small. I’m going to submit some of my photos. I’m kind of nervous and kind of excited.

I can’t stop thinking about travel as of late. I want to go to Europe so bad. A roadtrip across the US would be awesome as well.

Computers are evil. They do the strangest things and annoy me every chance they get.

I have now been coughing for about a month straight. I’m not sick in the slightest, but I just cough all day and I can’t figure out why. It makes no sense. The same thing happened to me last summer. It’s like I get some kind of summer plague every year.

The new iPhone came out last week and I really want to get one. My current contract is up in September meaning that I’ll be free to hop carriers again, but that seems like years away right now. I’m still kind of iffy about switch to AT&T too. I used to work for them and the coverage was always spotty. That was in VA though, so hopefully it is better here.

I bought some more hand sanitizer at the dollar store the other day. The little bottle that I got for free is about to run out. Now I have two more bottles. (it was 2 for a dollar!)

It’s my roommate Devin’s birthday today. I can’t wait to celebrate it with him tomorrow. Our celebration includes going to see Batman.

I really need new shoes. I finally bought a pair, but I made the mistake of trying them on with no socks. When I got them home, they were just a little to small to wear with socks. I took them back to the store with hopes of exchanging them for a half size bigger, but they didn’t have any in stock. I then went online to find them since I knew the size I needed, and they were sold out online too. Does everyone in the world want to own this pair of shoes? (they were brown and had a lion on them, so cool looking)

Um… did I mention The Dark Knight tomorrow?


~ by twentyfivetolife on July 18, 2008.

One Response to “Today’s random thoughts”

  1. TIMMY!!!

    How are you lifeguarding study buddy?!

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