Winding down

Well another exciting summer at camp is about to end. I know I say it every summer that I work there, but these past 10 weeks have gone by so fast. It’s really just all a blur in my head now. This summer was a lot different for me because I was working at my normal 9-5 job (well 8-4 actually) during the day and helping out at the waterfront at camp in the evenings. That made things pretty interesting because working at both places had me going from 8am to 8pm non stop and anytime after that was spent hanging out with friends that I wanted to spend as much time as possible with because I knew i wouldn’t see them after the summer was over. So after 10 weeks of early mornings, 12 hour work days, and some really late nights of “pillow talk” my body is getting really close to going on strike completely.

This makes these last few days at camp really bittersweet. I am definitely ready to have my evenings free, and have a kitchen again to make my own food, but at the same time I’m going to really miss having people close by who are free and wanting to hang out every night. It makes it even harder too because I have a strong feeling that this will probably be my last summer here at camp. I really need to grow up one of these days and unless I decide to become a teacher, I don’t see how I am going to have the whole summer off anytime soon. Not that I’m saying never. I’m sure by some random sequence of events I could end up back next summer, but I’m not exactly planning on it.

So tonight, which is my last night of working at camp for the summer, could very well be the last time that I am on the beach for free time. The last time I tell a 50 pound kid that a XXL life jacket is not going to fit him. The last time I answer the question “is there any jellyfish in the water?” The last time that I sit on the picnic table full of clothes and spin my keys methodically around my fingers. The last time I yell at kids to get out of the water if they are not wearing a life jacket, to stop throwing sand at each other, to stop fighting, to hang up the life jacket they just threw on the ground, to swim the banana boat out to the pier, and to stop arguing with me and just do what I told them.

I’m really just going to soak it all in and enjoy it tonight. I’ll try to lock every little nuance into my memory so I never forget how amazing this summer has been. Then I’ll say goodbye to some awesome friends that I hopefully will see again soon. Then, I will probably sleep for a day or two straight. Oh the Camp Wabanna experience. I will really miss it. Hopefully I will see it again one day.


~ by twentyfivetolife on August 7, 2008.

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