Oh how I hate Bob Costas!

How awesome are the Olympics? I mean, I don’t really like playing sports at all, and I especially don’t like watching them on TV, but for some reason I just love watching the Olympics. There is just something different about them. Besides the sports being much cooler than your run of the mill football or basketball (yes i know b-ball is in the Olympics, but I don’t watch it or really care about it), it just feels like more of a cultural event than just some athletes getting together to compete. For the first time in a while I was actually kind of proud to be an American as I watched Michael Phelps take his third gold metal last night. It also just fascinates me that there are people in some random countries that compete in sports that you would never think they had even heard of. Like who knew that Cuba had the number 3 ranked women’s beach volleyball team in the world. Crazy stuff.

So after watching all these amazing athletes do thier thing I’m inspired to start doing something physical again. Remember that post where I talked about how I haven’t had time to exercise this whole summer. Well now that camp is over I have plenty of time to do it. I’m going to run tonight for the first time since early June. I’ll let you know how it goes.


~ by twentyfivetolife on August 12, 2008.

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