My post about writing this post

I often have a lot of trouble thinking of something to write on this blog. That’s why it often goes for many days without any updates. I login to my little wordpress account and stare at the blank box and often just close it out after a few minutes of frustration. Yesterday was different though. After I wrote that really long post about buying my gun, I had a whole bunch of other ideas that I wanted to write about right away. But instead of posting 5 different times yesterday, I decided to just jot my ideas down so I wouldn’t forget them later. After I got a list of 7 or so I added todays topic to the very top of the list and that topic was my idea to keep a list of topics saved on here to fall back on when I can’t think about anything to write about.(does that make sense? I am writing about my list of things to write about of which the first is what I am writing about right now in this post. It’s so simple!)

You see my inspiration and creativity almost always come in spurts. I will think of a catchy melody, an idea for a movie, a title for a book, and something i would like to photograph all within a minute or two, and then I will go for a week and not come up with anything no matter how hard I try. My problem is that I don’t record these things when inspiration does choose to strike.  So now when I have days like yesterday I will add to my list of ideas to fall back on on the days when I am struggling. What a briliant idea! Sometimes I really outdo myself.

So now that I have bored you with that whole thing, here is my list of random thoughts that I seem to write on a lot of Fridays.

Deathrace this weekend!

I finally moved into my house last night. Now I just need to actually “move in.” My room is a pile of boxes with a bed and a small path down the middle. I finally have a kitchen and a TV again though! I got to watch the Olympics last night on my own couch on my own TV in my own house. It was amazing.

Speaking of the Olympics, how about our men’s and women’s volleyball teams tearing it up the last 2 nights with gold medals. I have gotten no sleep, but it’s been well worth it.

I’m currently a pescatarian for a month. It’s ok if you have to click the link to see what it means.

I am finally off this weekend with nothing to do. I am tempted to plan something, but I almost just want to bum around and finish moving into my house.


~ by twentyfivetolife on August 22, 2008.

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