The picture says it all

It’s true. I’m addicted. As you might have read in some of my previous posts I was a pescatarian for a month. From August 9th to September 9th. Now I did the same thing last year and it really wasn’t hard, so I decided to do it again this year. And it was even easier this time (except for maybe one visit to Outback where I had to make cheese fries my meal and still had to ask for no bacon on them). During the whole month though I probably ate at the magical burrito heaven known as  Chipotle Mexican Grill at least 10 times, maybe more. The thing is, I always order the vegetarian burrito when I go to Chipotle even when I am eating meat because it’s just that delicious and you don’t have to pay extra for guacamole (aka the icing on the crack). So when I was not eating meat and went to Chipotle I didn’t feel like i had to compromise one bit.

What do I put on said magical burrito? Well, I’m glad you asked. My perfect burrito consists of rice, black beans, onions & peppers, mild salsa, corn salsa, sourcream, cheese, and guacamole. It truly is perfection tightly wrapped up in a big steamed tortilla. Just thinking about it now makes me want it. I’m such an addict.

I’m reminded of that episode of the Osbournes when Ozzy became addicted to Chipotle. I thought that it could never happen to me, but I was wrong. If you have never seen it, go out and buy The Osbournes season 2.

So what do you put on your perfect Chipotle burrito?


~ by twentyfivetolife on September 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “The picture says it all”

  1. Um…did someone work from home today? And I usually pick the veggie too. The peppers and guac make it. So, yes, I want a burri-to.

  2. […] Is it bad that I am addicted to the new 90210? There is just something about stupid teen soap operas that draws me in. Gossip Girl is still my favorite though. If you don’t watch these, that is probably a good thing. I really wouldn’t recommend that you start watching. But if you have nothing better to do… Just be careful. They are addicting like Chipotle. […]

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