Ah! My eyes!

So the time has come up for my biannual eye exam so that I can get a new prescription for my contacts. I hate spending the money on an eye exam but I like to be able to see so I put up with it. This time however I thought that it was about time to look into taking the plunge and getting LASIK surgery so I would never have to buy contacts again. I went in for consult last Thursday and after poking and prodding my eyes for awhile they doctor told me that I was a good candidate and that he would knock a couple hundred bucks off of the usual price of $4,000 bringing it down to $3,400. I told the doctor that I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend all that right now, but as I went to talk to the receptionist lady before I left she told me that in order to secure the discounted price I had to go ahead and schedule an appointment. So reluctantly I went ahead and did that thinking that I could just cancel it. As I was driving away though I slowly started convincing myself to go ahead and do it. Take the plunge, spend a bunch of money, and have perfect vision for the rest of my life.

Through the weekend I was all set on it excited and a little nervous about the upcoming procedure. Then on Monday I made the mistake of searching “LASIK” on youtube to see if there were any videos of what the procedure looked like. What I got though was a plethora of videos of people saying why LASIK was the worst thing that you could ever do and that it would destroy your eyes, fire breathing dragons would come burn down your house, etc. I got really scared as I witnessed all these accounts of people that were still experiencing debilitating pain and vision problems a full year after they had their surgery. After a while I had to take a step back and try to think objectively about the whole thing. Obviously if it was as bad as all these people were saying then these LASIK places would not still be in business, and all of the people that I have heard about personally have loved it. So I started reading through all the pre op information that my eye doctor gave me. The statistics were showing that 26% of people still have problems with dry eyes 6 months after the procedure and a high percentage also have problems seeing at night which makes driving extremely difficult.

My biggest gripe with my contacts has always been how my eyes feel dry by the end of the day, so I was hoping that LASIK would solve those problems. As it turns out though, I have a 1 in 4 chance of having dry eyes all the time as apposed to just at night and I wouldn’t have the option of just taking out my contacts and wearing glasses. I was also a little upset that the doctor didn’t say anything about this because i told him that one of biggest reasons I wanted to get the surgery was because of my eyes feeling dry. Also I read that the chance for complications goes up each time you have additional corrections. With me still being young, there is an extremely high chance that I would have to get my eyes corrected in the next few years as I age. All this combined with the $3,400 that I would have to pay made me think that perhaps this isn’t the best idea for me right now, so I called on Monday and cancelled my appointment. For now I’m going to bite the bullet and get my eye exam and see if I can try some new contacts for dry eyes. I’m hoping that in 5 years there will be some new amazing procedure that will fix my eyes without permanently cutting a flap in my cornea.


~ by twentyfivetolife on October 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ah! My eyes!”

  1. um, I had no idea you changed your mind. So now will you finally get some new glasses that actually help you see?!

  2. My friend had Lasik and he has the worse dry eyes problem ever now. I would recommend going with the more expensive brand contacts like Oasys or another that retain more moisture. Check out http://www.eyecaresource.com/contact-lenses/

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