It is Friday

It’s Friday and it’s time to let you know what’s going on.

I have not been writing on here much lately. Things have been weird lately. I’m trying to figure out a lot of stuff as to what I’m going to be doing in the coming months and it hasn’t been easy.

My stretch of having 4 weekends off in a row has finally come to an end. Now I’m on day 4 of another 18 days of working in a row. Oh boy!

I got to watch my parents dog this past weekend and she was crazy. And when I say crazy I mean completely nuts. Like jumping up trying to attack you with excitement when you get out of bed at 6am. Like making a flying leap down the last couple steps of the staircase instead of just walking down them. Like trying to work her way onto your lap whenever you are seated on the couch. That kind of crazy.

It is finally cool out today and it is lovely. I was getting extremely frustrated with it being mid October and 80 degrees out. I want some fall weather. I want to wear jeans comfortably without sweating. I want to wear jackets and hoodies. I want it to be cold in my car when I get into it in the afternoon.

I helped this lady at work move some cables around in her office so she wouldn’t trip and fall over them again. I got some candy in return. It does pay to be nice.


~ by twentyfivetolife on October 17, 2008.

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