Step into my office

It’s weird to think that 40 hours of my life each week are spent in this little 10′ x 10′ box that is my cubical. Since I spend so much time in here, and since it is where about 99% of my blog posts are written, I thought I would take this opportunity to show you around my little home away from home.


This is the entrance to my office. Cozy huh? Notice the half-wall that after over a year of working here is yet to be properly covered with trim pieces.


This is where all the magic happens. Let me break it down for you.

1. The 19″ square of light that I stare at all day that is probably causing my near sightedness to get worse by the minute. Notice that I have wordpress open with a nice blank box to type in this blog post.
2. My calendar so I can count down the days till Friday ever 5 minutes.
3. A bottle of generic brand Ibuprofen to keep me sane.
4. My headphones. These pump sweet music into my ears for hours a day. Today’s selection was Swimming with Dolphins.
5. Trident Xtra Care. It’s like brushing your teeth without the trip to the bathroom.
6. Post it notes. They keep me organized. You wouldn’t believe how many names, phone numbers, inventory numbers and countless other tidbits of information I have to jot down every day.
7. Dollar store hand Sanitizer. It keeps me from getting sick. Too bad the crappy lemon scent smells like baby wipes which makes me want to never use it. I really need to pick up some plain old Purel.
8. My keyboard. It’s where all these amazing words that you like to read so much are typed on a daily basis.


1. My map of the strangest shaped state ever, Maryland.
2. Phone. Yeah, pretty boring. I try to ignore it whenever it makes noise.
3. Scissors. Sometimes I need to cut things.
4. Mouse. It points and clicks and so much more.
5. The wireless mouse that I thought would be nice, but ended up sucking really bad. I keep forgetting to get rid of it.
6. My Sigg bottle. It keeps me hydrated and helps to make bathroom breaks more frequent.
7. A random cup that has been sitting there for a long time. I should really wash it or something.


This huge desk used to be my main one but it was so big that I decided it would work much better as a work bench. This is where I work on computers and setup new ones. Here we have.
1. I pile of old hard drives waiting to be wiped.
2. The freakin’ rail that almost broke my knee! Oh how I hate it. It’s the reason I switched desks.


My secret drawer of food. Green tea is a staple along with peanut butter and breakfast bars. There is usually a bag of sunchips too, but I ran out today.


This is all the random crap that I am trying to get rid of.
1. My handy fold up cart for moving heavy stuff.
2. Network drops galore. I need them.
3. Old crappy laptops from the 90’s that are finally getting disposed of.


Here is my little window into my neighbor’s cubical. When we get bored we can have full 10 minute conversations through here. It also is quite entertaining when I catch him napping. He snores sometimes.

And that concludes our tour. Now you know where I spend most of my time during long boring week days. I hope you enjoyed your visit to my office.


~ by twentyfivetolife on March 4, 2009.

One Response to “Step into my office”

  1. I’d like to see you do one of these for your bedroom WITHOUT cleaning it first. Let’s see you number and identify all those piles on your floor…
    ps…I liked your post. Sweet cubicle.

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