The last page

There is something magical about finishing a good book. I just love the strange mixture of feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction, and loss all at the same time. The accomplishment is how it makes me feel smart and intellectual when I can now add another title to the “books I have read” list. The satisfaction part is how I can sit and ponder about all the interesting things that I have just read. And the loss is the sad realization that there won’t be any more to read from that good book come tomorrow. No more stories to make you laugh, no more deep theological insights to make you think, and no more descriptions of the characters that you have come to love.

The latest book that has spurred these mixed emotions for me is Through Painted Deserts by Donald Miller. It’s true story of the road trip that he took with his friend from Texas to Oregon. Sure it wasn’t my favorite Miller book.  Searching for God Knows What still holds that title. But I liked how this book was a departure from his usual theological banter and simply told you a fun story about two fun people driving across the country. Well I guess it wasn’t a full departure. There is still some of that God stuff thrown in, but overall I felt more inspired than educated which I think was what I needed.

I’m about to take my own little trip of escape in two weeks, and part of the fun of getting out of the day to day norm that is my comfort zone is the improved clarity that one can only achieve by escaping. I don’t think there could have been a better book to read at the moment. The funny thing is that I bought this book way back in December, before the idea of doing something crazy like moving to Alaska had even become a real, tangible, possibility. Maybe it gave me the nudge I needed to do something like this. There is a part at the beginning where Miller talks about leaving that is quite inspiring. I’ll share it on here sometime.


~ by twentyfivetolife on March 30, 2009.

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