It’s time to start telling some stories that have happened lately before I start forgetting about them.

On Monday I flew out to Anchorage. I didn’t fly out till 5pm so I had some time to prepare that morning before I left. This was kind of bad thing though because I pretty much waited to start packing till that morning and I was freaking out all day trying to get a ton of stuff done before I left. The Sis was a life saver because she helped a ton with my packing. She folded a bunch of stuff for me and kept me from getting distracted like I always do. It was her birthday too. I felt bad because I was stealing a lot of her birthday thunder by leaving that day. At the same time though she didn’t seem too keen on celebrating so perhaps it was what she wanted.

Packing was torture because I just couldn’t decide what I was going to need. I mean the few things that I could fit in the two bags that I had were going to be the only worldly possessions that I would have for the next six months. I had to keep reminding myself that as long as I have the clothes on my back, I can survive. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t have that pair of jeans that I will probably never wear. After I finally got everything into my bags I weighed them on this scale that my parents have had I think longer than I’ve been alive. It has this sweet fuzzy brown carpet on it, and big metal handle on top to make it easy to pick up. It pretty sweet to say the least. My first bag checked out at about 40 pounds so I was good to go, but the second one was right around the 50 pound mark so I was a little worried. I had my humongous study Bible in that bag which probably weighs a good 5 pounds though, so I figured I could always take that out if i needed to.

After I was all packed up Mom, Dad, April, and I threw everything into the car and headed to the airport. As we pulled up to the terminally and got out, it felt kind of surreal. You know how things are never like you think the would be when they actually happen in real life? As I hugged everyone goodbye, I knew that this was the last time I was going to see them for a long, long time, but it really didn’t feel any different than if I was just going somewhere for a week. How exactly do you make one goodbye more meaningful or sincere than another? I guess you can’t really. It was sad moment. I hope Mom didn’t cry too much on the way home.

As I turned to walk into the airport, I started to feel like a grown up. Sure I’ve gone on trips by myself plenty of times, but something felt different about this one. I guess because this is more of a move than a vacation. All at once I felt like a independent adult who was taking charge and making his own decisions. I had a similar feeling the first time I flew somewhere by myself, but this one was much more substantial. I went over the to the ticket counter to check my bags. Forty frakkin’ dollars to check two bags. I knew it was going to be that much, but it still sucked. As I put up my first bag on the scale it came up as 45 pounds. Uh oh. This was not good. If that one weighed that much then the second one was doomed for sure. As I put up the second one I stared at the little digital numbers as they jumped around trying to secretly levitate the bag with my mind a little. The numbers came to stop finally. 54 pounds. Just great. I started telling the lady very adamantly how I was sure I could take some stuff out to get it under the limit. She looked over at me then the scale with a look like “who cares?” And said “Oh. Is your bag overweight? Just try to keep it a couple pounds lighter on the way back.” Crisis avoided. Thank you US Airways lady. You are the best.

I took my bags over to the checking station prayed silently that they would make it safely to my destination. As I went through the security checkpoint, the guard checking boarding passes and ID’s was looking at my two boarding passes that were stapled together. As he started flipping through them he said, “have a safe flight to…oh….Anchorage.” He smiled as he said “You are going quite a ways today.” I replied “yes I am” as I smiled back. Why can’t all airport people be this nice?

After a quick run though the metal detector I headed towards my gate. This was it. I was really flying to Alaska.


~ by twentyfivetolife on April 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Leaving”

  1. Mom was the brave one. I was the weepy idiot. I think it finally hit me you were leaving when I hugged you goodbye. And, yes, I DO miss you. A lot.

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