Thursday’s random thoughts

Alaska is awesome. The list of things to do while I’m up here keeps growing and growing.

I’ve been listening to a lot of old Further Seems Forver lately and just loving it.

My first summer read is going to be Marilyn Manson’s autobiography. Yeah I know that’s kind of strange one, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to read and someone was nice enough to let me borrow it so we’ll see how it is.

I have a ton of pictures that I’m trying to get posted. Sorry it’s taking so long.

It’s pretty awesome having my buddy Stephen as a roommate yet again. We have a lot of fun together and there’s only more to come.

I have to wear company shirts to work every day but all the ones they gave me have either stains or holes in them. What’s with that? Not that I care really, but it doesn’t look very nice.

I have officially switched over to Windows 7 as my main operating system. I upgraded my laptop from Vista last night. There’s no turning back now.


~ by twentyfivetolife on May 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thursday’s random thoughts”

  1. i wanta see a pic of you in your stained work shirt. sounds gross!

  2. Tim- i’m april’s friend that she visited in AK. She told me where you were hiking yesterday and i had to tell you if you get the chance hike up to Upper Reed Lake and possibly bomber glacier (both in Hatcher pass) you won’t regret it. That was the 2nd most amazing thing i did in AK. The first being hiking to the top of Matanuska Peak- but that was only because it was a 3 yr goal of mine- Upper Reed Lake was hands down the MOST stunning scenery ever- strainght out of the Lord of the Rings movie…glacier fed lakes…giant boulders that crashed down the side of the mtns in a lush green valley filled with wildflowers and these amazing rocky spires pointing to the clear blue sky all around. you feel like you are 10 millions miles from civilization and wonder why you would ever walk back! you can also camp up there. isn’t AK awesome how you can pretty much hike, climb, camp and pretty much drive wherever you can/want? it’s not like all the groomed state parks we have on the east coast huh? i MISS THAT so badly! anyway i emailed april and asked her to forward the info to you about how to get there. i’d love to see pictures if you get to go. matanuska peak is also an amazing climb/view and can be done in a day (there is a nice meadow/valley to camp in if you wanted)…and if it’s clear the view on the other side of the mtn is INCREDIBLE…mtns upon mtns as far as the eye can see- but upper reed lakes trail can be enjoyed even on a rainy/cloudy day- which AK has plenty of!

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