My weapons of choice

Throughout the summer I have slowly been investing in camping/hiking gear. It started right when I got here with a pair of boots, and is finally drawing to a close with my pack that will be here soon. I thought I would share just what I bought and how I like it so far.

merrell boots

Merrell Outland Mid Waterproof Boots – $125 from REI

Still not sure about these. They are durable for sure and the waterproofing works really well. I have stood in 4+ inches of water in these without a drop getting inside. They still are not the most comfortable shoe, but it is hard to decide for sure because when I first got them, I got a half size too small which I didn’t realize till I took them for a 6 mile hike. By the end of it my toes were just killing me and ended up turning all black and nasty and still haven’t fully recovered after a few months now. Luckily REI has a great return policy, so I switched them out for a half size larger which felt much better. They still aren’t the most comfortable shoes to wear, but I’m not sure if it’s these or if it’s because my toes haven’t healed. If I stand in any shoes for a while my toes still hurt. So overall, these are good boots that will keep you dry in mud and rain. Just make sure you get the right size.


Kelty Teton 4 Tent – $160 from Campmor

I’ve only used this once but so far I really like it. I was only going to get a 2 person tent, but I figured the majority of the time I was going to be camping with more people than that and it is nice to have room for all your gear in the tent with 2 people. The night I used it, we had tons of wind and this thing held strong like a champ. It assembles in less than 5 minutes and is fairly light at 7 pounds for a 4 person tent.

bigagnes ac

Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Mummy Pad – $70 from Campmor

This thing is amazing. It gives you a super comfy 2.5 inches of pad while packing up way smaller than most self inflating pads. It only weighs in at 21 ounces too. The only drawback to the space and weight savings is that you have to blow it up. It takes maybe 3 minutes of blowing big breaths in it to fully inflate. Sure that’s a pain, but worth it too me. This is the most comfortable pad I have ever slept on. I could lay on my side without my hips and shoulders digging into the hard ground.


Kelty Light Year 20 Down Sleeping Bag- $130 from Campmor

Talk about compact. This things compresses down to about the size of a football and weighs in at under 2.5 pounds. I haven’t pushed the temperature ratings on this thing since the only night I have used it, it was probably 55 degrees outside, but I was toasty warm to the point I didn’t zip it up or have it on my upper body.


Platypus Hoser 3 Liter Hydration Bladder – $23 from REI

I just ordered this, but I haven’t gotten it yet, so I can’t comment on this one.

reidgeline 65

REI Ridgeline 65 Pack – $150 (on sale) from REI

This one and the Flash 65 both fit me like a glove when I tried them on in the store. The Flash was $50 cheaper so I was going to go with that one, but the next day after trying them on I got a coupon from REI for 25% off the Ridgeline making it the same price. The Ridgeline has a couple more features that I like, like the padded belt and the bottom zipper that lets you into the main compartment easily. I haven’t gotten this one yet either, but I can’t wait to use it.

So yeah, that’s about it. A lot of money, but hopefully I now have some quality gear that will last me for years to come and I will have no excuse now to not get out and camp or backpack.


~ by twentyfivetolife on July 29, 2009.

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  1. Summer 2010 JD’s going to Isle Royale… You sound like you’d be set for a trip like that! You’re welcome to join.

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