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I’ve been enjoying the writings of Andrew Schwab as of late. He has written a few books including two that I have read, but recently I’ve been reading the articles that he writes for Relevant Magazine. I have a strange relationship with Relevant. I remember when it came out my last year of college. It was the cool hip Christian magazine for 20 somethings. Not that there is anything wrong with that really, but it just wasn’t really my cup o’ tea for the most part. Occasionally though, there will be an article in it that catches my attention. Relevant is nice enough to put their entire magazine up online to read for free which is pretty nice.

Anyway, back to Andrew Schwab. He is the lead singer for the band Project 86 which has been one of my favorites since way back in high school. Sure, not every album is amazing, but overall they have written some great songs and always put on a great live show. I remember when I saw them at a big festival one year where it had rained all day. As they were playing their encore Andrew yelled to the crowd “it’s so nice of you to not throw any mud at us.” Before you knew it hundreds of kids were throwing handfuls of mud up on stage at the band. It was quite a sight. Unfortunately the festival was not too happy with the idea of their stage and equipment getting covered in mud so they cut them off in the middle of the song. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen.

After a couple albums with the band Andrew started writing and released a book writings and poetry called We Caught You Plotting Murder. I remember getting this little self published book while I was in college and pouring over the pages. It was very creative and weird which is the kind of stuff I love. Later on he wrote a book about life on the road while touring in Project 86 called It’s All Downhill From Here. This one was quite entertaining and made me laugh out loud a lot as I was reading it. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go on tour as a band, this is a must read.

Lately though, Andrew Schwab has been writing a lot for Relevant and I think some of them his articles are definitely worth checking out. Here’s a couple of my favorites:

Church Shopping

I Fear I’m Ordinary, Just Like Everyone…

A Perfect Life, Part I

The Agenda-less Faith



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