Sunday’s random thoughts

The end is nigh. Yes, I have only 12 days left here at my temporary Alaskan home. I’m going to miss the mountains, the remoteness, and most of all the people.

I’m really enjoying Phillip K. Dick’s first collection of short stories. He came up with so many interesting concepts. I want to adapt a couple of them into screenplays.

I went to a BBQ last night and had some amazing grilled salmon and moose kabobs. So good!

I am going through all my pictures from the summer so I can share some on here. I have so many, it is just overwhelming.

I can’t wait for my upcoming road trip, although the 3 days or so it’s going to take to drive the Alcan is going to be rather long and boring. I’ll share some more details soon.

How I Met Your Mother is a very funny show. I’m about to finish the 4th season tonight after starting at season 1 this summer.


~ by twentyfivetolife on September 13, 2009.

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