Picture time

I hope you like pictures because I’m about to start posting a ton. Now that I only have a few days left in the “last frontier.” I’ve started going through all my pictures from the summer and picking out the best ones to share. Last night I learned how to do my first panorama in Photoshop which was ridiculously easy. Really, like 2 clicks and some cropping and Photoshop figures out the rest for you. Just amazing. The final image was a 33 megapixel monster. (I scaled it down for the web though)

Independence Mine

This is 5 shots stitched together from Independence Mine in Hatcher Pass. We climbed way up one of the mountains high above the mine to do some exploring. It was earlier in the summer so there was still a lot of snow everywhere. Click to view it full size.

I’m going to post more pictures every day as I go through them.


~ by twentyfivetolife on September 19, 2009.

One Response to “Picture time”

  1. very happy to see a picture of one of my top two favorite spots on earth! (the other is hawaii) please post pics of reed lakes- did you like that hike? i still miss the mtns and the people of alaska- i always will. the nicest and most interesting people in the world live in alaska 🙂

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