Just so I don’t forget

Ah Mt. Denali (or McKinley if you want to call it that) how I miss being able to stare at you on a daily basis (weather permitting). For 6 months I lived 40 miles away from this mountain and I never once got tired of looking at it. I remember walking to work on those awesome clear mornings without a cloud in sight and a sky so blue you would swear it was fake. The mountain would be there larger than life, demanding your attention.

This particular picture obviously isn’t one of those awesome clear days. It was taken on the Denali park road about 20 miles or so from the mountain I think. I just love this view and how big Denali looks next to everything else. I’ll go back there someday. I’m sure of it.


~ by twentyfivetolife on November 6, 2009.

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