A good day

Today was a good day. Don’t you just like it when you can climb into bed at night (and blog on your laptop if you are me) knowing that that day falls into the better than average category. So often I think I just go through one day after another without putting any kind of qualification on things. It’s like I’m living, not really remembering anything about life, good or bad. I would rather have bad than days not even worth remember I think. Bad days remind me how different the good days are. Here’s what I did today:

Went to church

Ate lunch at church with fun people

Went to Target a bought a black hoodie. I have been missing this staple of my wardrobe quite dearly.

Also bought a casserole dish to make something for Thanksgiving.

Finished watching a documentary about the Iraq war called No End in Sight that was quite good yet made me angry with our government.

Left to meet a friend for dinner and noticed that it started raining with a little snow mixed in.

Found out the Chinese restaurant we were going to eat at was without power and switched dinner to a middle eastern place.

Left the restaurant to find the precipitation was all snow now.

Debated whether to drive home for an hour or kill some time at Barnes and Noble before the movie I was planning on seeing.

Talked to Stephen my roomy on the phone in B&N and discussed the prospect of going back to Alaska for the summer. Ugh, I don’t want to even start thinking about that.

Read an interesting photography book that had some great ideas.

Worried that I got stood up for the movie because my friend didn’t call me.

Decided to wait outside the theater just to see if they would show up.

They did show up and I found out they had tried to call me but had my number wrong.

Watched Julie & Julia which was an a great movie. It also made me very hungry.

Came home and tried some of the Kashi Cereal I got today.

Good day. Good night.

(the photo is from Canon Beach in Oregon)


~ by twentyfivetolife on November 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “A good day”

  1. Weird. I had almost the exact same day. Church. Barnes and Noble. Movie. But I snuck Potbelly into my movie instead of dining in.
    Sundays always make me miss you most….

  2. I have decided that you should just move to Salt Lake. I think you would love it here and then we could go out to lunch on Sundays again. Sound good?

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