My new career as a teen fiction writer

I have decided to start writing on here again all the time. I hope that is ok. I hope that you want to read more. Maybe you were hoping I would stop writing on here, but then I guess you wouldn’t be visiting my blog if you didn’t want to read what I had to say now would you?

Sometime I think I would like to be a writer. Granted, I also think that I want to be a rockstar, director, stand up comedian, dive master, mountain climber, chef, etc, on a regular basis. Writing is different though because it is attainable now. I have a computer. I have a means of sharing what I’m writing with people. Really I am set. It just comes down to me sitting down with my laptop and typing out words. Kind of how I am right now.

I like to think about the things I would write about if I were a writer. Last week when everyone was going crazy about the New Moon movie I decided that I would like to write a series of books for teenage girls. Not because I would enjoy writing books like that really, but because I’m sure the lady that wrote the Twilight books has enough money to write whatever she wants now and it doesn’t matter. I think I have the formula down too.

First you need a girl that has a good dose of teenage angst along with some kind of strange family situation. Maybe she is raised by her aunt because her parents died, or something like that. She has to have something that makes her feel different and out of place in high school because, let’s face it, we all felt different and out of place in high school and kids will relate to that. Next she needs to meet some weird, dark, mysterious guy. Maybe he’s a vampire (already done). Maybe he’s an alien (like the Roswell High books). Whatever he is, he has to be really good looking and have some kind of supernatural ability. I’m thinking in my books, maybe he has a pet unicorn that he can fly around on. Maybe he’s a half breed with a human mother and an angel for a father? Whatever it is, it gives him super powers.

Now even though this guy is the hotness and has superpowers, he doesn’t go for the popular, pretty girl in school. No, he goes for the weird outcast girl that has no friends. Why? Well because all the weird, outcast girls reading the book want a guy with super powers to like them even though they are ordinary. No one wants to read a book about the popular girl in high school getting the half zombie Luke Perry. It really is a formula that preys on the insecurities we all feel as a teenager. It’s kind of sad, yet genius at the same time.

After you get that far, it really doesn’t matter what else you write. It’s pretty easy from there. As long as there is some kind drama about if the improbably relationship will work or not, people will keep reading. Maybe his unicorn gets kidnapped. Maybe his demon uncle shows up and tries to kill the girl. Whatever it is, the audience will be hooked.

So what do you think? Is teen fiction my calling? Should I start book one of seven? Or maybe I should just make it a trilogy so the movie rights will be an easier sell. Hm…

(The picture is from Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake)


~ by twentyfivetolife on November 24, 2009.

6 Responses to “My new career as a teen fiction writer”

  1. I found that post extremely amusing.

  2. Those are all good premises. I wish you the best. Suggestion: find a locale that appeals to you for the setting of the book and skecth out a broad idea of plot, however general and half-formed it may be. That will help you move forward in the planning. You and your readers (from what I can tell on your post) may enjoy my new release, Angela 1: Starting Over, which has many of the elements you cite, just not anything fantastic. But it moves fast and has suspense. If interested in finding out more, just go to my website or google me and take a look at my blog. Thanks! 🙂

  3. I love the pet unicorn! Awesome! Can the girl’s name be Katie? 🙂

  4. […] what I said in that other post about me starting to write again? Well I really am trying lately and I’ve found that […]

  5. that is a beautiful photo tim! you have a good eye.

  6. If you fancy yourself a writer, I’m doing a cool writing contest on my blog. Just click on my name, and it should take you to my site.

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