My precious

I played on this amp last night and fell in love for little while. What is this you may ask? It’s Mesa Boogie’s coolest, most versatile, most button and switch having, amp they have probably ever made. I have been wanting to try one since they came out, but there wasn’t a lot of music stores in the wilderness in Alaska. On top of that they are pretty hard to find in stores. Just by chance last night, Guitar Center happened to have one just sitting there waiting to be played by me.

After noticing the object of my guitar gear desire sitting there. I casually kept looking around and even played on a little cheap combo amp, just as a little warm up I suppose. Finally I went over to the counter and asked the guy for a chord so I could plug into it. I flipped the power switch on and let the tubes warm up as I looked over the myriad of buttons that let you customize your tone to your hearts content. I flipped the standby to on and went through each of the 3 channels one by one. Was it my dream amp? Well, not quite. I don’t know if my dream amp exists in real life, but this thing sure did come close. It had tons of tone that poured out through the speakers in such a pleasant way. It made me want to hand the sales guy my credit card and take it home with me that night for the super low price of $2,000. Luckily I did not let the tone hypnotize me too much. I resisted. One day I will own a nice amp though. An amp that makes me giddy every time I crank it up. One day…


~ by twentyfivetolife on November 25, 2009.

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