Auditory flashbacks

Isn’t it amazing how our memories are tied to music? Maybe it’s just me, but I can hear a song and picture clear as day where I was and how I was feeling when I listened to it. The things that were on my mind that day. What I was angry about or looking forward to. It’s weird how our minds associate things that way. Today I randomly started listening to some of the music I was listening to a lot last year

As soon as this one came across my headphones. I was instantly taken back to cold mornings driving through the snow on my way to the carpool lot for work. I remember trying to see clearly through my foggy, frosted windshield waiting for my car to get hot enough to turn on the heat. I was always too lazy (or running too late) to scrape my windshield, so I would just blast it with some de-icer washer fluid and go. Some mornings I wished that everyone would be running late so that I stay in my car long enough for the song to finish playing. There is nothing worse than having to get out of the car in the midst of the perfect song for that moment.

This one was a staple for weekends when me and Stephen were driving up the mountain to hit the slopes. It’s the perfect blend of poppy, catchy, and pretty. It makes we want to go skiing. I can’t wait until the snow gets here.

This one was for the late nights driving home by myself. Most people I know don’t appreciate music that has screaming in it so I have to take advantage of the times I am alone to crank the metal/hardcore stuff. I remember nights after poker games, or grabbing food with friends just cranking this album. Now that I’m listening to it again. I’m not really sure if I still like it musically, but it has sentimental value now so I’ll probably keep listening to it.

~ by twentyfivetolife on October 31, 2010.

One Response to “Auditory flashbacks”

  1. That Passion Pit song gets stuck in my head for days. Love it! Owl City always takes me back to riding around in your Sentra with the windows down, driving around Annapolis. Always and forever. Makes me miss you every time…

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