New Toys

I bought some fun new photo toys last week. I came across a deal in the local classifieds that was way too good to pass up. Someone was selling the Canon 10-22mm lens that I have been wanting for super cheap, but along with the lens for just a little more they were selling an old 20D that had been converted to infrared.

What does that mean? Well basically most digital cameras sensors can capture infrared, but to take proper pictures in light that our human eyes can see, manufacturers put an IR filter in front of the sensor that blocks out most of the IR light. When you have your camera modded, they take off that IR filter and replace it with a filter that only lets certains wavelengths of IR through while blocking out normal, visible light waves. I did a couple test shots yesterday as I was playing with my new camera and this is what I ended up with. Guinness was happy to model for a couple photos. First up is the new 20D.

~ by twentyfivetolife on April 11, 2011.

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