Friday’s Random Thoughts

It’s time to start writing on the old blog again, and what better way than an easy random thoughts post?

– It’s springtime outside right now! Sure I skied on some great snow at the beginning of this week, but now it’s like 60 degrees. Bring on the warm weather.

– Speaking of warm weather, climbing – outside – tomorrow. The second time this season and hopefully better than the first.

– I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I rock climb on this blog before. In case you were wondering, it’s what I’m thinking about 27% of the time.

– The Hunger Games this weekend. I can’t wait. Oh and Peta is a little sissy girl. Donald Sutherland as President Snow should be great. Haymitch is awesome too.

– I’m still thinking about the Walking Dead season 2 finale from Sunday. Zombies make for great TV.

– I definitely do get inspired reading this blog.

– As gross as Stella is, it’s getting me through my Friday afternoon right now.

– Thanks Sis for sharing this. It made me laugh pretty hard.

– I’m really trying to finish up the portfolio site. Hopefully soon.

I took this pic of Canada’s Parliament when I was in Ottawa last month.

~ by twentyfivetolife on March 23, 2012.

One Response to “Friday’s Random Thoughts”

  1. You’re welcome. And I’m glad your blogging again. I love reading your writing. Another cat week? Pleeease?!
    Hunger Games!!!! We are closing the office and all going on Tuesday. It’s hard to wait.

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